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Coinbase Possible IPO Listing



12/2/19 – 12/7/2019

Cryptocurrency News

Bitcoin Staying at 7K Level

Soccer News

EURO 2020 Tickets are now Available

FIFA 2019 Beach Soccer Tournament Has Concluded With Portugal on Top

03.03.2019 – 03.09.2019

I Voted Sticker Spool on White Surface

SJWs are literal societal cancer

Socialism: When It Rains It Pours

With the Rise of Anti-semitism One Senator Looks for Equality


02.10.2019 – 02.16.2019



Health guide to avoiding processed foods

Careful with the consumption of diet soda as it may lead to health problems

02.03.2019 – 02.09.2019

I Voted Sticker Spool on White Surface


Virginia Late-Term Abortion Bill

News concerning Virginia late-term abortion bill

Would Virginia late-term bill legalize abortion close to birth?

Cloudy Sky


Freezing Cold in Mid-West a.k.a. Polar Vortex

Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Polar Vortex Meaning


This picture shows an american football manufactured by Wilson lying on a football field. The football has the typical brown and redish color with some white lines painted on it and white laces on the top.

Rams Vs. Patriots or West Coast Vs. East Coast

Super Bowl 2019

The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 to secure their sixth NFL SuperBowl Championship! Congratulations Patriots!